PDG Dr Iain Wakefield

Dr Iain Wakefield is going to talk about his connection with Interplast. Interplast work in Asia and Oceania, delivering training programs to help strengthen health systems by giving professionals the skills they need to restore function – and hope – to people affected by burns, tumours, hand and foot injuries, congenital anomalies and more. For more information visit www.interplast.org.au/learn-more/our-work/
lain was born in Edinburgh and educated in London. He qualified as a doctor in 1979, and has since worked in the United Kingdom, Guernsey, Australia and finally New Zealand.
He has recently retired from his single handed practice, located at Drury on the outskirts of Auckland since 1994. Prior to then, he had been teaching at the University of Auckland.
Iain is a Past President of the Auckland Division of the New Zealand Medical Association and has served as a Justice of Peace for the Ministry of Justice since 2008. He is active in the Drury Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa, serving as Session Clerk from 1995 to 2001.
Iain joined the Rotary Club of Drury in 1994 and has served Rotary International as an Assistant Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator, Assistant Governor, District Rotary Foundation Chair and Club President. Iain was District Governor for D9920 in 2014-15 “lighting up Rotary”.
He is a Charter Member of the Bequest Society of The Rotary Foundation. He served as the Charter Administrator of the multidistrict New Zealand Paul Harris Society. He is a multiple Paul Harris Fellow.
In his spare time, he maintains a former manse built in 1856, farms a lifestyle block outside Drury and studies local history.